What we do

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  • Fabricación


    We achieve our work, based on the engineering developed for our customers, according to the plans and technical specifications contributed by the them.

  • Montajes


    When the customer request it, and as complementary activity, we assemble our workshops manufactured items, having personal with deep knowledge and experience in this field.

  • Reparación


    We have specialized personnel in industrial equipment repair, that could be executed "in place", and also moving that equipment to our facilities, if it was neccesary .

Who are we

FAHIME, is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of Goods of equipment specialized in sectors: Hydro Power, Mechanics, Wind Power, Mining and Chemistry.

FAHIME has complete facilities, fully-equiped with the necessary machinery, with a total surface of more than 16.000 m2, of with 7.00m2 are covered, divided in the following sections:

  • Management
  • Projects Management
  • Purchases
  • Technical Office-Eng. Details
  • Quality control
  • Boiler and Welding
  • Mechanization
  • Superficial Treatments
  • Assembly
  • Expedition and Logistics

Where are we

Our installations, located in the Logrezana Poligon (Carreño), Asturias, Spain, counting on an excellent strategic situation, with quick access, as much by land(exit nº404 off highway A-8) sea(8km to the Port of Avilés and 20km to the Port of Musel,Gijón), and air (25km to the airport of Asturias - Airport Code: OVD) See it in Google Maps.